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October 7, 2016
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Brügmann and Olcott Partner to Offer a Powerful Interface for Managing Patent Annuities and Trademark Renewals Worldwide

Princeton, New Jersey, November 11, 2016 — Brügmann Software, a leader in software solutions for intelligent IPR management in Germany, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Olcott International, the pioneer in worldwide IP renewal services since 1961, for the use of its open IP Services Platform, PatOrg Olcott Sphere. This new web-based technology represents the optimal solution for Olcott’s clients to manage their IP renewals, as data previously sent by email can now be automatically exchanged between (client/Olcott) systems. PatOrg Olcott Sphere allows this seamless exchange of information via the cloud. The level of integration for data exchange is unsurpassed compared to similar software applications currently available in the marketplace. All information is encrypted for transmission to provide safe and secure communication, and is also archived and fully traceable. Annuity details relevant to client cases including workflow status and additions/changes to case data, are automatically transferred, updated, stored to the respective cases, then sent to Olcott. By leveraging the software’s potential, users can significantly increase efficiency in a wide range of IP activities while simultaneously reducing cost, time and effort.

PatOrg’s user-friendly features for intelligent IPR management make it a universal and easy-to-use software solution that is well-suited for law firms, patent departments, organizations, universities and others. Prior skills in complex, abstract programming language such as Visual Basic or SQL are not required to configure PatOrg.

Sören Brügmann, CEO

Brügmann’s CEO, Sören Brügmann commented: “understanding electronic file management needs, and establishing flexible and secure connections between computer systems, are the critical factors related to the continuous exchange of information, and significantly impact the overall efficiency of intelligent IP management. PatOrg’s revolutionary software platform offers its clients and partners advanced technologies for integration and electronic networking based on open standards, which streamline the data exchange and master the linking of systems, resulting in a substantially more efficient process. More importantly, PatOrg offers a one-step solution for data management whereby each partner is required to manage only their own data as opposed to maintaining it twice (e.g., by client and provider).”

Nicola Henkes Senior Vice President Olcott International & Co., LLC

Nicola Henkes
Senior Vice President
Olcott International & Co., LLC

Olcott’s Senior Vice President, Nicola Henkes, commented: “Brügmann has raised the bar in IP management software. We share a common vision with respect to the growing need for the highest possible level of secure integration for data exchange. We are honored to be partnering with Brügmann Software to introduce Olcott’s clients to this new and exciting innovative web service technology in the US and abroad.

About Brügmann:
Brügmann is a leading provider of professional software solutions for the management of intellectual property rights with offices in Papenburg and Stuttgart, Germany. More than 350 organizations presently use PatOrg software, including patent law firms, corporations and research organizations. Brügmann’s experienced team has been developing innovative software for intellectual property management since 1984.

About Olcott:
Olcott International is a patent and trademark renewal service provider with over 50 years of experience managing and processing IP renewals worldwide. Olcott is well-known for its high standards of excellence, customer-centric services, and fair and transparent pricing. Olcott is committed to ensuring the highest level of reliable and accurate renewal services. Olcott’s clients include medium size and large multi-national corporations, patent law firms, universities and non-profit organizations. Olcott’s US headquarters are located in Princeton, New Jersey.”

To schedule a demonstration of the PatOrg software and PatOrg Olcott Sphere please contact:
Marie Galastro E-Mail: marie@olcott.com
Website: www.olcott.com