September 7, 2018

Cuba: Joins TM Class Effective August 8, 2018

Effective August 8, 2018, the Cuban Office of Industrial Property (OCPI) joins TMclass with the latest version of the Nice classification.   Source:
September 7, 2018

Bermuda: Official Fees Increased April 2018

On April 1, 2018 the Trademarks Registry of Bermuda increased the official fees for trademark matters.  Overall, the fees increased by approximately five percent for matters including registration, renewal, and recordal of marks.   Source:  Caribbean IP USA
September 7, 2018

Afghanistan:  Submission of Notarized and Legalized PoA Required

The Afghan Trademark Registration Office (ATRO) has stipulated that it is no longer permissible to file trademark applications without a scanned copy of the notarized and legalized power of attorney to the Afghani Consulate abroad.  The original power of attorney needs to be submitted within one month from the date of filing.  This decision has been put into effect as of August 29, 2018. Source:  JAH & Co. IP Qatar
August 29, 2018

Canada: Accession to the Madrid Protocol

The Director General for Trademarks at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office announced the future accession of Canada to the Madrid Protocol. It is expected that Canada will join the treaty in early 2019.   Source:
August 28, 2018

Mexico: Agrees to Raise IP Enforcement Standards with US

Mexico and the United States have reached a preliminary agreement to raise standards of enforcement of intellectual property rights, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR).  The Agreement appears to toughen the requirements for internet service providers in protecting against copyright theft and extend copyright terms.   Source: Intellectual Property Watch
August 22, 2018

Mexico: Declarations of Use Amendments

Effective August 10, 2018, recent amendments to the Mexican Industrial Property Law come into full force.  The amendments require trademark owners to file declarations of use (DU) for the following: Registrations to be renewed Those turning three years from grant date
August 20, 2018

Uruguay: Reduction in Official Fees for Trademark Procedures

Pursuant to Circular 3/2018, issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property (DNPI), from August 1st, 2018, publication fees of all trademark procedures will not be charged with the exception of those related to renewals in grace period. This is part of a policy of digitalization and simplification of the filing processing in the National Office, which translates to cost savings for applicants and trademark owners in Uruguay.   Source:
August 3, 2018

Iran: Updates on Patent Annuities and Patent Term Expiration

The Iranian Intellectual Property Office issued a decision relating to the calculation of annuities and patent term expiration.  The following will apply: For new patent applications entered in Iran via PCT on or after May 30, 2018, the annuities due at the time of filing will include the back annuities accumulated in the international stage.  The annuity payments following the nationalization of an application will become due on the anniversary date of the international application. For granted and pending applications as of May 30, 2018, the correct annuity payments should be settled at the next expected date to bring the annuity year in line with the international filing date. For granted patents filed via PCT, there is no indication that the Letters Patent will be reissued with the correct expiration date.  It is mandatory to correct the annuity year by attending to the necessary payments at the next upcoming annuity date.   Source: SABA IP
August 3, 2018

UAE: Trademark Renewals Going Online

Trademark renewals may be submitted electronically effective 26, 2018 at the Trademark Office in the United Arab Emirates.   The new process involves uploading the supporting documents to the online system, along with a renewal announcement in two local newspapers.  The certificate will then be issued instantaneously, which significantly speeds up the renewal process.   Source:  Saba Intellectual Property
July 18, 2018

Albania: New Trademark Law Includes Official Fee Modifications

A new trademark regulation entered into force in Albania on June 7, 2018, clarifying a range of issues raised by the changes to the Albanian Industrial Property Law in force as of March 24, 2017.  Some of the most significant changes and clarifications include the following: Official Fee Modifications: The regulation was accompanied by the introduction of official fees for the newly established IPO procedures and the increase in certain existing official fees by an average of ten percent. The new official fees list for trademarks, patents and designs services adopted by the Albanian IP Office entered into force as from June 6, 2018. The new fees cover filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordal, oppositions and cancellation of trademark, patent and design applications.   Clear Definitions and Representation Requirements:  The new regulation clearly defines different types of trademarks as well a representation requirements for the most common traditional trademarks.  Definitions are provided for word, figurative, position, pattern, color and shape marks that are in line with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/626 of March 5, 2018. Literal Interpretation of Class Headings:  The regulation adopts the literal approach when interpreting the scope of protection when class headings are used in lists of goods an services in trademark applications and registrations.   Source:  Intellectual Property Watch, by Irma Cami, Senior Associate, PETOSEVIC Albania