January 14, 2016

Turkey: Intellectual Property Fees Increase Effective January 1, 2016

Effective January 1, 2016 intellectual property fees were increased between 3-10% for the following: entering the PCT National Phase or requesting extension of time for entering the PCT national phase (10%), filing an industrial design (4%) or trademark application (6%). Trademark renewal fees and late renewal fees both increased 3%. The official fee for validation of a European patent in Turkey has increased 10%. Further information can be obtained on the official Turkish Patent Institute website.
January 13, 2016

Netherlands: Patent Office Experiencing Technical Difficulties with Online Registry

The patent office in the Netherlands is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their online registry, and as a result status reports for annuity fee payments and other reports cannot be displayed at this time. The current delay affects the ability to obtain the status of annuity fee payments for November 2015 and December 2015.   An update will be posted once this situation has been resolved.
January 7, 2016

Kuwait: Official Fees for Trademarks Increase Effective January 4, 2016

Official fees for trademarks increased in Kuwait effective January 4, 2016.  The new rates constitute a marked increase over current levels, and will be applicable for both new and pending applications.
January 4, 2016

European Patents Now Cover Moldova

Effective November 1, 2015 the European Patent Office (EPO) is allowing European patents to take legal effect in Moldova.
December 15, 2015

Mexico Fee Increase

Official fees are scheduled to increase in January 2016 for the maintenance of Mexican Patents, Designs, Utility Models and Trademark Renewals.
December 15, 2015

Official Fees to Increase in Kuwait Effective December 21, 2015

The official fees for trademark registration are expected to increase dramatically and are likely to be effective as of December 21, 2015. The current filing and registration fees for a trademark are $24 USD and $58 USD respectively; the new fees are expected to increase to $264 USD (for filing) and $1,586 (for publication and registration).
December 15, 2015

Canada Adopts Nice Classification for Trademarks

In September 2015, Canada began accepting voluntary registrations for trademarks using the NICE Agreement.   Previously, Canada was one of the few countries worldwide that had not adhered to the Nice Classification of Goods and Services for the purposes of the Registration of marks.  This move will streamline the process for applicants searching for potential conflicting trademarks and will also reduce translation costs which foreign trademark offices previously required
December 5, 2015

Gambia: Madrid Protocol

Gambia’s accession to the Madrid Protocol will enter into force on 12-18-15.
November 19, 2015

India Trademark Rules

On November 19, 2015 the Indian Government published the draft 2015 Trademark Rules to replace the existing 2002 Trademark Rules, and to introduce a 50% increase on all fees payable with respect to trademark registrations. Under the new trademark rules the fee for filing an application is proposed to increase from 4000 to 8000 and the fee for renewing a trademark from 5000 to 10000 respectively. The draft rules are open for public comments until December 17, 2015. The final rules are expected to be published and become effective in the second quarter of 2016.
October 31, 2015

Algeria Accedes To the Madrid Protocol

The Madrid System has been transformed to a one treaty system with the addition of Algeria who acceded to the Madrid Protocol; the Protocol entered into force on October 31, 2015. Going forward, all international registrations of marks will be exclusively governed by the Madrid protocol.