February 4, 2016

Mongolia: Designation of Industrial Designs

On December 14, 2015, WIPO received from the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia, a clarification of the declaration under Article 17(3)(c) of the Geneva (1999) Act of the Hague Agreement. The designation of Mongolia in international registrations of industrial designs shall enjoy protection for the maximum duration of 15 years from the date of international registration, subject to renewal of the international registration. Source:
February 4, 2016

Brazil: The Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property joins TMClass Effective 1-19-16

  The Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI-BR)  joins TMClass Effective 1-19-16 This last addition brings the total number of national and regional IP Offices, including OAPI, WIPO and OHIM to 58. Source:  
February 4, 2016

Japan: Official Fees to be Reduced Effective April 1, 2016

  The Japan Patent Office (JPO) announced that it will reduce two of its official fees for trademarks.  The registration fee shall be reduced from JPY 37,600 to JPY 28,200, and the renewal fee from JPY 48,500 to JPY 38,800 effective April 1, 2016
January 25, 2016

United States: IBM Takes the Lead as #1 Patent Recipient in 2015

IBM has surpassed Samsung and Canon to take the top spot on the list of recipients for US Patents in 2015.  This is the 23 year in a row that technology company IBM has been in the top group of patent recipients.   The overall number of US patents granted declined slightly since 2014. The fall followed seven consecutive years of rises in patents being granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
January 21, 2016

Finland: Ratifies the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement

Finland has become the latest country to ratify the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement (since Portugal ratified the Agreement last August), raising the total number of confirmed participants to nine.  Four more signatures are required to ratify the UPC Agreement including ratifications from Germany and the UK in order for the Agreement to take effect.  Issues related to renewal fees and how they are distributed between national IP offices and the EPO, have already been finalized.  
January 20, 2016

Kuwait: Increase in Official Fee for Filing a Trademark Effective January 1, 2016

Effective January 1, 2016, the Official Fee for filing a trademark is now USD 264 for one class. The new Official Fees will cover all trademark matters filed subsequent to January 1, 2016, as well as retroactively for pending trademark applications with respect to their publication and registration fees.  The new fee for publication and registration is USD 1,586.  
January 20, 2016

Finland: Pricing Structure and Official Fee Changes

The Finnish Trademark Office announced that they have changed the pricing structure and some of the fees for trademarks effective January 1, 2016. Changes to the owner’s name or domicile, and changes of representative are now free of charge. For renewals of trademarks and collective marks, the patent/trademark office has introduced a two-tier pricing system; fees for online renewals (done in Finnish or Swedish) are lower than filing paper forms.  Online renewal fee is EUR 275 vs. EUR 300 for paper forms.
January 20, 2016

ARIPO: Official Fees Increased Effective January 1, 2016

According to the ARIPO Administrative Council, there have been significant developments regarding trademarks, designs and patents, including fee increases which became effective January 1, 2016.  More detailed information will be posted on this website as soon as it becomes available.
January 19, 2016

USPTO: Problem with the Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR)

  TSDR is currently experiencing intermittent technical difficulties and users may be unable to access documents.  The problem is being addressed by staff at the USPTO.
January 14, 2016

Canada: Overhaul of Trademark Laws and Changes to Patent Rules to Begin in Late 2016

The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada has delayed the overhaul of its trademark laws and regulations as well as anticipated changes to patent rules and industrial design regulations until the latter part of 2016.