Iran: Updates on Patent Annuities and Patent Term Expiration

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August 3, 2018
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Iran: Updates on Patent Annuities and Patent Term Expiration

The Iranian Intellectual Property Office issued a decision relating to the calculation of annuities and patent term expiration.  The following will apply:

For new patent applications entered in Iran via PCT on or after May 30, 2018, the annuities due at the time of filing will include the back annuities accumulated in the international stage.  The annuity payments following the nationalization of an application will become due on the anniversary date of the international application.

For granted and pending applications as of May 30, 2018, the correct annuity payments should be settled at the next expected date to bring the annuity year in line with the international filing date.

For granted patents filed via PCT, there is no indication that the Letters Patent will be reissued with the correct expiration date.  It is mandatory to correct the annuity year by attending to the necessary payments at the next upcoming annuity date.


Source: SABA IP