Bahrain: Updates its patent and utility model fees and introduces VAT

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January 3, 2019
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Bahrain: Updates its patent and utility model fees and introduces VAT

The Kingdom of Bahrain has recently announced a series of governmental decisions, which are aimed at updating the IPR fees and developing the taxation system in the country.

Accordingly, the Bahraini Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has drastically increased the official fees related to patents and utility models. The new prices have been applied since December 14, 2018. The updated fee schedule stipulates the fees for filing a patent application almost 7 times higher than the previous one, i.e. 540 BHD and 270 BHD for legal entities and natural persons correspondingly. Besides, the fee for grant and publication of the patent has been increased by 3.2 times, while the substantive examination fee will further be regulated by the Office. The annual fees have risen as well, with some of them by almost 9 times.

Furthermore, the procedural fees concerning utility models have been established at a rate less by half than the one for the patents. The annuities for natural persons and legal entities start from 50 BHD and 100 BHD for the 2nd year and reach 150 BHD and 300 BHD for the 10th year of utility model validity accordingly.

In addition, value-added tax will be applied to all IPR types in Bahrain as of January 1, 2019. The standard VAT rate will be 5%, as it has been stipulated by the Common VAT Agreement of the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Bahrain will become the third GCC country to introduce the VAT after Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which have been imposing the VAT since the beginning of 2018.