United States

October 2, 2018

USA: Fee Schedule Updated

Effective October 1, 2018 the Fee Schedule was updated for PCT Fees to Foreign Offices.  The International Search (IPAU) fee decreased from $1,722 to $1,631. Source:  USPTO
March 15, 2017

United States: Filed the Highest Number of International Patent and Trademark Applications in 2016

PATENT APPLICATIONS According to WIPO, 2016 was a record year with respect to the number of international patent applications. 1st– US-based applicants filed 56,595 Patent Cooperation Treaty applications in 2016 2nd– Japan placed second (45,239) 3rd– China placed third (43,168). China posted double-digit growth each year since 2002 ZTE Corporation (a technology company) filed the most with 4,123 patent applications TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS French cosmetics company L’Oreal placed first with 150 Madrid applications, Glaxo Group came in second with 141 and BMW had 117 applications. 1st – The United States placed 1st globally for international trademark applications: 7,741 2nd Germany placed 2nd with 7,551 applications 3rd France had 4,132 applications China had 3,200 applications and saw the fastest growth (68.6%) last year. Source:  wipo.com
February 10, 2017

USPTO: Changes in requirements for Affidavits or Declarations of Use, Continued Use, or Excusable Nonuse in Trademark Cases

      USPTO:  Changes in requirements for Affidavits or Declarations of Use, Continued Use, or Excusable Nonuse in Trademark Cases:   The United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) amends its rules concerning the examination of affidavits or declarations of continued use or excusable nonuse filed pursuant to section 8 of the Trademark Act.  Specifically, under the regulations enacted herein, the USPTO may require the submission of information, exhibits, affidavits or declarations, and such additional specimens of use as may be reasonably necessary for the USPTO to ensure that the register accurately reflects marks that are in use in commerce in the United States for all the good/services identified in the registrations, unless excusable nonuse is claimed in whole or in part. The amended rules will allow the USPTO to require additional proof of use to verify the accuracy of claims that a trademark is in use in commerce in connection with particular good/services identified in the registration. Action:  Final Rule Effective Dates: This rule was originally to become effective on February 17,2017, but has now been postponed until March 21, 2017.  The 60-day delay in the effective date is necessary to give agency officials the opportunity for further review of the issues of law and policy raised by the rule.   Fee Changes Under the New Requirements for Section 8 of the Trademark Act: The fee for electronic filing affidavits under Sections 8 increased from $100 to $125 per class under the new fee rule. The fee for filing a paper affidavit under §8 of the Act; increased from $100 to $225 per class under the new fee rule.    
October 7, 2016

United States: PCT Fees Increase to Foreign Offices Effective October 1, 2016

PCT Fees to Foreign Offices 1716: International search (JPO) – fee increase from $1,378 to $1,530
April 8, 2016

USPTO: Launches New Payment Tools

The US Patent and Trademark Office will launch two tools for paying fees online. The two tools, Financial Manager and the Patent Maintenance Fees Storefront were launched on April 9, 2016.    
April 4, 2016

USPTO: PCT Fees to Foreign Offices Updated April 1, 2016

Effective April 1, 2016, PCT Fees to Foreign Offices were updated for the following changes: PCT Fees to Foreign Offices 1717: International search (IPOS) — new fee of $1,578 1716: International search (JPO) – fee increase from $581 to $1,295 1714: International search (Rospatent) – fee decrease from $433 to $388  
March 7, 2016

USPTO: The Fee Schedule for International Search (ILPO) changed effective March 1, 2016

  Effective March 1, 2016 PCT Fees to Foreign Offices for International Search (ILPO) decreased from $917 to $912.
January 25, 2016

United States: IBM Takes the Lead as #1 Patent Recipient in 2015

IBM has surpassed Samsung and Canon to take the top spot on the list of recipients for US Patents in 2015.  This is the 23 year in a row that technology company IBM has been in the top group of patent recipients.   The overall number of US patents granted declined slightly since 2014. The fall followed seven consecutive years of rises in patents being granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
January 19, 2016

USPTO: Problem with the Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR)

  TSDR is currently experiencing intermittent technical difficulties and users may be unable to access documents.  The problem is being addressed by staff at the USPTO.