October 12, 2018

Turkey: Amendments to Trademark Laws

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) reduced some official fees up to 40%.  The new fees were published on September 5, 2018.   The discount covers fees for trademarks, designs and patents.  The new official fee for filing a trademark application is TRY 180.00 per class.  The official fee for registration is TRY 495.00 which is independent of the number of classes covered.   Source:  Istanbul Patent A.S., Turkey
June 6, 2017

Turkey: Implementing Regulations of New Law Enter Into Force

Effective April 24,2017 a new Law No. 6769 came into force related to the Protection of Industrial Property Rights. The new law replaces and repeals the Decree Laws on Patents and Utility Models, Trademark and Service Marks, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Indications which were previously adopted in Turkey. The new Law includes provisions on the protection of patents, integrated circuits, industrial designs, trademarks and trade names, which ensures that Turkey’s IP framework is now better suited to the needs of IPR owners, and is more harmonized with global practice.  The Law stipulates the restructuring of the internal organization of the Turkish Patent Institute, which was rebranded as the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Source:  SabaIP.com
February 8, 2017

Turkey: New IP Law for Trademarks/Patents Became Effective January 10, 2017

A new Law for Trademarks entered into force upon being published in the Official Gazette of January 10, 2017. The Law brings the principles of trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, patents and utility models under one roof. These were previously regulated by different decree laws.  The Law also restructures the Turkish Patent Institute under the name of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute (“Institute”) and introduces very significant amendments to the legislative environment surrounding each type of industrial property. Here are some major changes introduced by the new Laws: TRADEMARKS Colors and sound marks have been included in the definition of signs which may be protected as a trademark. Trademark applications consisting solely of or identically comprising the registered geographical indication will be rejected on absolute grounds at the examination phase by the Institute. Introduction of Consent Letters by which the owner of an earlier trademark may consent to the registration and the use of an identical or similar trademark, later filed for the same or similar goods or services. Opposition Period of 2 months as of Publication Date in the Official Trademark Bulletin Evidence of use for five consecutive years or fair excuse of non-use ( for rights the excuse of non-use period of which are terminated and referred as the bases of a proposed opposition) is to be well grounded if/where requested by the applicant of the contested application. Partial renewal option has been introduced providing the holders the option to renew their trademarks for interested classes only Bad Faith Cited as an Explicit Ground for Opposition and Invalidity PATENTS For patents without examination to grant a term of protection of 7 years is no longer a valid type of protection for claim of inventions. For utility model certificates a statutory novelty search request is now required. Interested third parties now have the right to file opposition against the publication of search report issued for Utility Model Certificates as an effective tool to lead to the rejection of the said right if/where arguments as discussed are attested to be affirmative. Evocative of the opposition procedures following the grant of a European Patent, interested third parties now has the right to file opposition within six months for the rejection of a granted patent as of the date of publication of grant. Annuities are due to be paid as of the third anniversary as of date of actual filing.  
February 22, 2016

Turkey: Official Fees Increased

The Turkish Patent Institute (“TPI”) has increased trademark application fees and renewal fees effective January 1, 2016. The new official fee for a trademark application is TRY 285 (paper filing) and TRY 190 (online filing) per class.  The fee for each additional class is also TRY 285 and TRY 190 respectively.  The fee for issuance of a trademark registration certificate is TRY 795 (paper filing) and TRY 530 (online filing).
January 14, 2016

Turkey: Intellectual Property Fees Increase Effective January 1, 2016

Effective January 1, 2016 intellectual property fees were increased between 3-10% for the following: entering the PCT National Phase or requesting extension of time for entering the PCT national phase (10%), filing an industrial design (4%) or trademark application (6%). Trademark renewal fees and late renewal fees both increased 3%. The official fee for validation of a European patent in Turkey has increased 10%. Further information can be obtained on the official Turkish Patent Institute website.