September 19, 2017

Thailand: Applications for Sound Trademark Registration Accepted Effective September 1, 2017

Effective September 1, 2017 the Thai Department of Intellectual Property will accept applications for sound trademark registration, as provided for in Ministerial Regulation No. 5 B.E. 2560 (A.D. 2017), issued under the Trademark Act B.E. 2534 (A.D. 1991) To apply to register a sound trademark, clause 11 of the Ministerial Regulation requires applicants to submit the following items, in addition to the list of goods or services: A detailed written description of the sound and specifying whether the sound is categorized as a human sound, an animal sound, a piece of music/melody, or other type of sounds, and An audio recording of the mark in a digital file format, such as MP3, saved on a USB flash drive, with a maximum length of 30 seconds. Applicants may also submit musical notations or a spectrogram of their sound as part of their application if they choose. To be eligible for registration, sound trademarks must not directly represent a product’s properties, or be sounds naturally made by the product or made as part of the product’s usage or operation (e.g., the sound of cows cannot be registered as a sound for dairy products.) Source:  Tilleke & Gibbins
August 31, 2016

Thailand: Amendments to Trademark Act Effective July 28, 2016

Amendments to Thailand’s Trademark Act became effective on July 28, 2016.  They introduce a number of changes that will set the stage for Thailand to accede to the Madrid Protocol in 2016.  The changes also reduce the opposition period from 90 days to 60 days from the publication date of the application. The new official fee for filing a trademark application is now THB 1,000 per one item up to five items, and from the 6th item THB 9,000 per class.  The official registration fee is now THB 600 per item of up to five items, and from the 6th item THB 5,400 per class.  There is no publication fee. Source:
July 26, 2016

Thailand: New Amendment to the Trademark Law Published on April 29, 2016

A new amendment of Thailand’s Trademark Laws was published in the Royal Gazette on April 29, 2016. The new Trademark Act will enter into force on July 28, 2016.  Thailand has adopted the multi-class system and also introduced a new fee schedule. The protection period of the mark remains unchanged (10 years from the registration date and renewable every 10 years).  
April 13, 2016

Thailand: Bill Amending Trademark Act Was Approved by National Legislative Assembly

The National Legislative Assembly approved a bill amending the trademark act which will enter into force 90 days after the publication in the Royal Gazette.  Some important changes to be noted are: The definition of a trademark will be extended to include “sound marks.” It will now be possible to file multi-class applications. This is necessary to bring Thailand into conformity with the International Registration system under the Madrid Protocol. Period of time allowed to respond to an office action is reduced from 90 days to 60 days. Credit: