January 3, 2019

Sweden: Amendments to Trademark Laws

Effective January 1, 2019, several changes to the Swedish Trademark Act and related constitutions will come into force. The changes mark the end of a revision that started at EU level almost ten years ago. Some of the important changes include: The graphical representation requirement for trademarks is abandoned. Trademark duration starts from the date of application and not from the date of registration Trademark registrations can be renewed at the earliest 6 months before and at the latest 6 months after the expiration date Launch of new e-service for trademark renewal In addition, a new law, the Company Name Act, replaces the existing Trade Names Act of 1974. Source: www.prv.se, www.groth.eu  
February 26, 2018

Sweden: Official Fee Increases Effective February 14, 2018

Effective February 14, 2018 the Swedish Patent office has announced certain fee changes for patents and trademarks. For patents, the annual fee can’t be paid more than six months before the due date.  The annual fee may be paid with a 20% increase within six months from the due date.  If the annuity is not paid, the patent lapses from the beginning of the fee year for which the annuity was not paid.  This also applies if the annuity is not paid in the full amount. Annuities must be paid without a reminder from PRV.  The PRV does not send an invoice regarding the annual fees.  Additional information about annual fees can be found here:  https://www.prv.se/en/patents/fees-and-payment/national-applications-and-patents/ The new official fee for filing a trademark application is now SEK 2,700 in paper form and SEK 2,000 for e-filing in one class.  The official fee for each additional class is now SEK 1,000 for e-filing and in paper form.   Source www.prv.se