October 2, 2018

Qatar: Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law Enter Into Force

Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law entered into force in Qatar on July 5, 2018.  The long-awaited Implementing Regulations are expected to pave the way to a clearer patent procurement process.  The filing requirements are a legalized power of attorney and a copy of the international publication, with the international search report- if it is published.  The protection term is 20 years from the international filing date, and annuities must be paid on the anniversary of the international filing date and payable prior to grant.  A grace period of six months for late payment is observed. Source:  SABA IP
September 19, 2017

Qatar: Trademark Renewal Formalities Updated

Pursuant to Circular no. 6 of 2016, it is possible to pay the trademark renewal fees without a surcharge until the last day of the protection period.  In the past the last day to pay the renewal fees  without a surcharge was the first day of the renewal period. Late payment of renewal fees can be paid 12 months before the renewal due date without shortening the protection period. Source: SABAIP