May 4, 2017

Japan: Accepts Trademarks Consisting Only of Colors

In February of 2017 the JPO decided to accept the registration of two trademarks consisting only of colors.  Since April 2015 Japan has accepted certain types of new trademarks consisting of sounds and colors.  The most recent trademarks accepted were those for the storefront sign of a convenience store chain and the logo colors of certain eraser products, both of which are well-known logos among Japanese consumers. Using marks with distinctive colors as a way of enhancing the strength of a brand could be very beneficial to companies.
February 4, 2016

Japan: Official Fees to be Reduced Effective April 1, 2016

  The Japan Patent Office (JPO) announced that it will reduce two of its official fees for trademarks.  The registration fee shall be reduced from JPY 37,600 to JPY 28,200, and the renewal fee from JPY 48,500 to JPY 38,800 effective April 1, 2016