November 14, 2017

France:  Filing of Trademark/Design Applications Electronically Only

The French National Trademark Office (INPI) recently posted information on its website ( that effective October 6, 2017 the filing of a trademark and design can only be done electronically through the website. Additionally, as of November 2, 2017, procedural exchanges, withdrawal declarations and requests for correction of material errors can only be filed on line. Source:
June 15, 2016

France: Submissions of Trademark Oppositions Only Allowed via E-Service Effective May 1, 2016

In an effort to urge the public to use e-services, the French National Trademark Office requires that all submissions of trademark oppositions be made exclusively via the online service of the Office.  This rule became effective on May  1, 2016. Additionally, effective June 1, 2016, all subsequent exchanges (observations in reply to the opposition) and also submission of observations, must be submitted exclusively via the online service.
July 1, 2015

France Patent Fee Increase

There was an increase in the Official fees for patents, utility model, trademarks and designs which became effective July 1st, 2015.