June 14, 2017

Cambodia: Online Filing System of Trademarks Launched

A new online trademark registration system was launched in Cambodia, allowing for faster and more convenient filing.  The E-Filing platform can be used only for new trademark applications, while post application actions must be filed in person at the Department  of Intellectual Property.  This system is optional, as it will operate alongside traditional paper filing in person. An applicant with permanent residence or a principal place of business inside Cambodia can use this system.  For foreign applicants, the system can only be used through a registered Cambodian trademark agent. Source:  Abacus IP, Cambodia
February 7, 2017

Cambodia: First Asian Country to Recognize European Patents

  Cambodia is set to become the first Asian country to recognize European patents on its territory. The agreement will enter into force once it has been adopted into Cambodian law, tentatively 1st July 2017.  Pharmaceutical products will consequently be excluded from the agreement for the duration of the transitional period. “The new validation agreement with Cambodia is positive news for the development of the European patent system,” said EPO President Benoît Battistelli. “It extends its attractiveness beyond the European market and its immediate neighborhood. The recognition of the European patent by an Asian country demonstrates its global impact, also in the context of a least-developed economy.” Cambodia sees this agreement as an incentive for owners of European patents to consider investing in Cambodia, thereby strengthening the country’s economic development. Source:  EPO News  
October 7, 2016

PCT: Now Has 151 Contracting States After the Recent Accessions of Kuwait

The  PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) has now 151 contracting states after the recent accessions of Kuwait (KW) since September 9, 2016, Djibouti (DJ) since September 23, 2016, and Cambodia (KH) which will become effective on December 8, 2016. The accession of Kuwait means that all GCC member states are now bound by the PCT.