July 18, 2018

Albania: New Trademark Law Includes Official Fee Modifications

A new trademark regulation entered into force in Albania on June 7, 2018, clarifying a range of issues raised by the changes to the Albanian Industrial Property Law in force as of March 24, 2017.  Some of the most significant changes and clarifications include the following: Official Fee Modifications: The regulation was accompanied by the introduction of official fees for the newly established IPO procedures and the increase in certain existing official fees by an average of ten percent. The new official fees list for trademarks, patents and designs services adopted by the Albanian IP Office entered into force as from June 6, 2018. The new fees cover filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordal, oppositions and cancellation of trademark, patent and design applications.   Clear Definitions and Representation Requirements:  The new regulation clearly defines different types of trademarks as well a representation requirements for the most common traditional trademarks.  Definitions are provided for word, figurative, position, pattern, color and shape marks that are in line with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/626 of March 5, 2018. Literal Interpretation of Class Headings:  The regulation adopts the literal approach when interpreting the scope of protection when class headings are used in lists of goods an services in trademark applications and registrations.   Source:  Intellectual Property Watch, by Irma Cami, Senior Associate, PETOSEVIC Albania
June 15, 2016

Albania and Georgia: Joined TMclass Effective May 30, 2016

As of May 30, 2016, the Albanian General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks (GDPT) and the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center (SAKPATENTI) joined TMclass. Source: