About Olcott

General Information

Olcott International is a global IP patent annuity and trademark renewal service provider with over 55 years of experience. Since 1961, when Olcott’s founder Bernard Olcott, an inventor and patent attorney, first envisioned a novel application for a computer software technology system that could organize and pay annuities safely and inexpensively, Olcott International has been managing a wide range of IP portfolios and making worldwide renewal payments on behalf of its clients. Olcott’s clients include large multi-national corporations, small to medium size companies, law firms, non-profit organizations, Universities and inventors.  We are proud of our strong reputation for high standards of customer service coupled with a state-of-the-art software platform which allows for the reliable management of all aspects of IP renewals.  Many of our long-standing client relationships date back to the early 70s.


We believe that corporate patent and trademark owners need exact, professional, and secure maintenance of their global IP portfolios at a cost designed to realize true savings. Since 1961, Olcott International has served the international patent and trademark community with personalized and cost effective IP renewal services, allowing our clients to focus on their prosecutions and licensing.  Olcott can efficiently process your worldwide patent & trademark renewals while lowering annual renewal expenses.

Scope of Services

Olcott International has been providing global patent annuity payment and trademark renewal services (all jurisdictions) to the IP community since the 1961. Our services include:

  • IP Portfolio transfer and set-up of client account- no fee
  • Patent & trademark docketing services
  • Patent & trademark verification
  • Patent annuity management and worldwide IP renewal payment services
  • Client accounts that are assigned to individual account managers ensuring dedicated service
  • Communication (via email) stored electronically per case/client
  • Renewal reminders issued monthly or quarterly, depending on client preference
  • Reminder notices sent four months prior to renewal date-two reminders sent within the regular due dates, and at least two more reminders within grace periods
  • 24/7 secure online access to portfolios provided to clients and their attorneys/representatives- no fee
  • Online portal can be used by clients as a docketing portal if no client in-house IP management software is available