IP Software

PatOrg Olcott Sphere

PatOrg Olcott Sphere offers the optimal solution for IP annuity data management with the highest level of integration.

Through an exclusive partnership with Brügmann Software, Olcott’s clients now have the option to subscribe or license the highly sophisticated IP management software system “PatOrg,” which offers cutting-edge technologies for integration and electronic networking based on open standards. This new web-enabled technology represents the optimal solution for managing all aspects of IP including renewals and annuity payments. Data previously sent by email can now be automatically exchanged between (client/Olcott) systems. PatOrg Olcott Sphere allows this seamless exchange of information via the cloud. The level of integration for data exchange is unsurpassed compared to similar software applications currently available in the marketplace. All information is encrypted for transmission to provide safe and secure communication, and is also archived, and fully traceable.

Highlights of PatOrg / PatOrg Olcott Sphere:

  • A versatile IP management software solution which provides support to a wide range of IPR matters and processes. Its user-friendly features make it a universal and easy-to-learn software solution for anyone who manages intellectual property. Prior skills in complex, abstract programming languages (such as Visual Basic or SQL) are not required.
  • Unique commands specifically designed for intelligent IP management enable straightforward and effective configuration with far greater flexibility than existing IP management software available in the marketplace today.
  • Annuity details relevant to client cases including processing status and additions / changes to case data, are automatically transferred, updated, stored to respective cases, then sent Olcott.
  • The PatOrg Olcott Sphere software product offers a one-step solution for data management whereby each partner is only required to manage their own data instead of maintaining it twice (e.g., by client and by provider) as required with other IP service provider’s software solutions.

By leveraging the potential of PatOrg Olcott Sphere, users can significantly increase efficiency in a wide range of IP activities while simultaneously reducing cost, time and effort.